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Motel Agency-Caser Marena
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When the boat industry faced challenges, we created a strong professional arena at Fornebu together with Motel Agency. They were a joy to work with, combining creativity with attentiveness, and made sure that this really felt like OUR conference. The result was rock-solid and professional from A to Z. 98% of the participants want to come back, and the conference received an average feedback of 5.45 out of 6. That says it all.

— Magnus Frøshaug Ryhjell, Managing Director, Norboat


The Norwegian Boat Industry Association, Norboat, wanted to create a new platform for knowledge and experience exchange.


Norboat has for many years, with the boat show "Båter i Sjøen", proven that they can create platforms where the industry meets boat enthusiasts (B2C). However, the industry lacked a good professional arena for the entire industry to meet. The industry is in a very exciting time with a lot of changes, and thus the desire for, and the need for, a meeting place is significant.


Taste the word "Marena". A word composed of and derived from "maritime" and "arena". That's exactly what it is meant to be, a useful gathering point for the entire boat industry. Developed by Norboat and Motel Agency.

The event was held at Scandic Fornebu on February 2, 2023. The day program consisted of professional input with the most important topics currently occupying the industry. This included both the current situation and future prospects, discussions on the market and development, the major trends we see and how they will affect us, and a focus on analyzing and understanding boat customers.


Kjetil Jansrud talked about the art of building teams, Göran Adlén offered lots of energy and market trends, and boat enthusiast Øyvind Loven steered the group through the day!


As darkness fell over Fornebu, good food and drinks were served in a gala setting, and the best in the industry were honored with awards and entertainment!

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