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Motel Agency-Event-Julebord og sommerfest

Christmas parties and summer celebrations

Arranging a Christmas party for employees can be a great way to show appreciation for hard work and dedication throughout the year. It can also provide an opportunity for team building and socializing outside of the office!

Motel Agency-Event-Kick-off Ownit


Kick-offs should be fun! Too many company meetings consist only of long days filled with theory, numbers, and summaries. Instead, ensure that your employees look forward to these meetings by taking them to exciting travel destinations and venues! Holding company gatherings outside the office walls is an investment that will pay off in the form of more motivated and loyal employees.

We assist with ideas and creative solutions that align with the desired goal of the gathering - and can help strengthen and highlight the company culture.

Motel Agency-Event-Konferanse


We believe that far too many companies spend too much money on boring conferences with endless, tedious speakers, standardized roll-ups, and candies with logos on them. When investing in a gathering for employees, it should be organized as a fun event - an event that provides new energy and pride to the employees - but also offers substantive professional content and achieves the desired goals set for the gathering.

Motel Agency-Event-Jubileum


"We celebrate far too little" (quote: Petter Stordalen). He has a point! Work is too big a part of life not to mark and celebrate good achievements. Celebrating makes us feel like winners and reinforces the feeling of recognition and positive energy. And not least, celebrating is fun!

Motel Agency-Event-Lansering Byd

Product launches

Arranging a launch event is a great way to create interest and excitement around a new product or service, and it can be a valuable investment that can help your business grow and flourish. We know what makes your launch event stand out and ensure that it becomes a success.

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