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Motel Agency- ros Norboat


"When the boat industry faced challenges, we created a strong professional arena at Fornebu together with Motel Agency. They were a joy to work with, combining creativity with attentiveness, and made sure that this really felt like OUR conference. The result was rock-solid and professional from A to Z. 98% of the participants want to come back, and the conference received an average feedback of 5.45 out of 6. That says it all." ​

— Magnus Frøshaug Ryhjell, Managing Director, Norboat

Motel Agency- ros Barcelona

"We have recently used Motel Agency AS for various trips and are very satisfied. They are always available, they are engaged, they come up with good and creative solutions, and are a really good support when organizing a trip for several people. We can relax, knowing that they will have control from start to finish. I would definitely recommend Motel Agency AS as a partner."

​— Alexandra Roos, Event Manager, B2B Marketing

Motel Agency- ros Chamonix

"It's not easy to lead a flock of sheep that constantly wants changes in both direction and experiences. But thankfully, we never had to feel this way! No matter what came up during the planning of our trip to Chamonix, and even when we were there, Motel took care of it! It has never been so easy to travel, and never so pleasant, as we had the joy of bringing the world's most positive person sent from Motel! Professional, flexible, and with iron control of the budget, I can do nothing but recommend this team most highly!!! We will easily use them again :)" ​

— Marte Marie Lehne, Key Account Manager

Motel Agency- ros Crayon Marbella


"Motel Agency has been Crayon's main supplier of corporate trips for the past three years, to places including Marbella, Lofoten, and Barcelona. Motel Agency effortlessly and calmly handles large groups of over 300 people. We always feel closely followed up in the process both before the trip and along the way, and have felt confident that all details have been accounted for. We could not be more satisfied and look forward to further cooperation with this great team, also for events on home turf."

​— Espen Viskjer, Communications and Marketing Director

Motel Agency- ros Vipps China


"We are extremely satisfied with Motel Agency and their delivery from start to finish. The form of collaboration was laidback yet professional. In addition to smart solutions, flexibility, and good planning, this was nothing but a huge success."

​— Britt Louise Amdam Larsen, Sales and Marketing

Motel Agency- ros Idemitsu Svalbard

Idemitsu Petroleum

"Professional and pleasant people with a large network and lots of experience. Highly recommended for a tailor-made experience where everything runs smoothly. Extremely satisfied!" ​

— Ida Hvål, Communications Director

Motel Agency- ros Holte Consulting Stockholm

Holte Consulting

"Good personal qualities combined with a high service factor and precise communication. They immerse themselves well in the business and understand what it aims to succeed in. For us, this has led to highly culture-building and successful trips."

— Trygve Sagen, CEO

Motel Agency- ros Schibsted Island


"Motel Agency delivered on all points, and we felt very well taken care of both in advance and during the trip itself. Good understanding of our needs, very solution-oriented, and generally a high standard of quality and service. We are very satisfied and would happily use their services again." — Cathrine Ruth, Sales Director

Motel Agency- ros Norwegian Broker

Norwegian Broker

"This is quality in every aspect - great people, always customer-focused, and skilled at creating that little extra." ​

— Rune Eriksen, Leader, Real Estate

Motel Agency- ros Capgemini


"Personal, professional, and with a unique understanding of our needs. Motel Agency delivered on all points, both in preparation and in execution. We highly recommend them and look forward to the next collaboration!" ​

— Torleiv Opsal, CFO

Motel Agency- ros Sempro


"Incredibly skilled people, who have a unique ability to understand the customer's needs. Perfect follow-up and flexibility that gave us a very good experience. A score of 6 out of 6." ​

— Desiree Kråkøy, Project Manager

Motel Agency- ros Suzuki Norge

Suzuki Norge

"Very nice people who are always organized and solution-oriented – and deliver well on the creative aspect. They appear very worldly! We can safely recommend Motel Agency." ​

— Simen Christensen, Regional Manager

Motel Agency- ros Brightstar Island


"A fantastic experience that was professionally executed down to the smallest detail. Great service, good people, super atmosphere, and cool activities! Thank you so much, we highly recommend Motel Agency."

— Sophie Lindvik, Brand Manager


"The trip became a unique experience for us at TV 2 and our partners. Brilliant arrangement! Big thanks to Andreas and Motel Agency."

— Stig Omland, Advisor Concept

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