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10 Good Reasons to Bring Your Employees on a Trip

Taking a trip with your company is often thought of as a celebration resulting from good financial numbers. On the other hand, in times of recession, it is often internal events and travel that are cut first. But is this really the smartest thing to do in order to lead the company through difficult times? Here are our ten good reasons to take your employees on a trip:

1. Work Environment and Company Culture

There is a lot of new energy and motivation that emerges when getting away from the workplace for professional and social replenishment. Trips abroad in a work context improve the social environment and the relationship with colleagues. Through shared experiences, you get employees who know each other, work better together and support one another. Company trips thus contribute to increased understanding and empathy, reduce miscommunication and promote a spirit of "us". At the very least, it's nice to have some good stories to share at the lunch table!

2. Motivation and Pride

When the company you work for takes you on a trip, you feel a sense of appreciation! Many people do not travel often in everyday life and look at a company trip as an exciting experience, in line with a private holiday. At the least, there is a lot of motivation in being able to tell friends and acquaintances about the fantastic company you work for that takes you on experiences "around the world".

3. Network

When you are out on a trip, you often get the chance to meet people you would never interact with otherwise simply being at the office. By taking your employees on a trip, you ensure that they build networks internally, but perhaps also with other important players in the industry - if you, for example, take a trip to an industry fair.

4. Management

Two important parts of leadership are the ability to inspire others to trust you and your business and to motivate others. To do this, you need to be visible both with colleagues and with customers. Taking the time to meet people face to face can help them feel that you are interested in their success.

5. Facilitate Better Collaboration Across National Borders

Many companies have offices in different countries and different continents. Making contacts and exchanging experiences between the different groups is a good way to grease all parts of the international machinery. Allowing employees to meet each other across national borders is also important for companies' holistic culture building.

6. Take Care of important Suppliers or Customers

Many important suppliers or customers will appreciate a setting few days away from the usual workday and just be together.

7. Educational «Refill»

In every industry, fairs and seminars are arranged that can be valuable for the professional replenishment of your employees. Attending such fairs is not only useful for development, but also shows your employees that you want to invest in them.

8. Add Color to Kick-Offs, Conferences and Annual Meetings

Annual meetings should be fun! Too many company meetings end up being long days with a lot of theory, numbers and summaries. Instead, make sure your employees look forward to these meetings, by taking them to exciting destinations and venues! Placing corporate gatherings outside the office's four walls is an investment that will pay off in the form of more motivated and loyal employees.

9. Anniversary

An anniversary abroad brings memories for life! Traveling abroad gives the anniversary an extraordinary setting and impression.

10. Incentive Trips in Connection with Sales Competitions

Many sales and marketing managers often scratch their heads and wonder how to get their employees to contribute a little more and go the extra mile. Internal competitions are often a good idea, and what is a better motivator than a tailor-made trip to an exotic destination? Such prizes are talked about in advance, followed on social media along the way, and praised afterwards. Motel Agency AS can help you with both competition elements, and of course the planning and implementation of a fantastic incentive trip after the competition is complete.

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