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Arranging a company trip? Here are 5 helpful experiences from a client.

Many people these days have been given the task of arranging their Fall or next year's company trip. We interviewed a client about her experiences from the company trip they arranged to Dublin. Here are 5 tips from Desiree, Project Manager at SEMPRO, for those of you who are planning a company trip.

Motel Agency-Blogg SEMPRO med sine ansatte på firmatur
1) Why did SEMPRO choose to take its employees on a company trip?

We were supposed to have an "ordinary" kick-off in the Oslo area, but the management team realized that we all deserved a trip that would combine professional education as well as an experience. SEMPRO has grown rapidly in recent years, so this was a great opportunity for professional replenishment and socialization across all three offices.

2) What was the most important thing to you when choosing a destination for the company trip?

Dublin is Europe's "tech capital" and for those of us who do digital marketing and innovation, this was a completely natural choice. Here we could combine training with visits to Facebook and Google's offices and experience the culture that Dublin is known for.

3) Why did you choose to contact an event travel agency for help with the event?

There is a lot to keep in mind when planning a trip and for it to be seamless requires time. In our eyes, it is a smart use of time and resources to ask for help with this planning. We were a group of about 50 people who needed airline tickets, hotel rooms, restaurants, and transportation from A to B several times a day.

4) How was your experience working with Motel Agency before, during and after the company trip?

The whole process was absolutely wonderful. We were clear on what we wanted on our proposal from Motel Agency, and got what we ordered. After a few rounds internally, the specifics became clear, and from there, Ketil and Thøger carried the baton and booked what we needed for a perfect trip to Dublin. We had status meetings along the way, and a final review just before departure to ensure that all details were in place - which they were of course ;)

5) Would you do anything different on the next company trip?

Honestly - no. This arrangement suited SEMPRO incredibly well. Motel Agency hit the spot with absolutely everything. Fresh hotel, cool places to eat, on-time transportation and flights - we felt we were taken care of at all points the entire way. It was a bonus knowing that they were always available to us if anything came up.

Business trips, especially abroad, involve unfamiliar terrain for most people. It is therefore recommended to leave most of the planning to an event travel agency. More good tips and advice for those who are arranging a company trip for the first time? Leave a comment below!

If you want tips and advice for the next company trip, contact, or contact us here.


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