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FAQ about group flights!

We often get questions about flights from clients and participants on our company trips. What many people are surprised by is that there are some differences between flying individually and flying as a group. In this article, we give you answers to some of the most common questions.

Group Booking – Price:

For a group booking, a large portion of the flight seats are held on a flight departure. The airlines thus take a greater risk in relation to any cancellations and refunds that may come. Therefore, the prices of group tickets will in most cases be somewhat higher than for individual tickets.


Upgrading in most cases can be possible as long as there is availability, and it is done well in advance prior to departure. If participants wish to use their own bonus points for upgrades, this must be done directly at the airport.


Name must be identical to the name in a participant's passport. If the name on the ticket does not match the passport, this may result in invalid travel documents.

Names containing Æ, Ø and Å will look like this in the travel documents: Æ = AE, Ø = OE and Å = AA. Name lists must be delivered as soon as possible (full name, date of birth and gender) and no later than 35 days before departure in most cases. Exceptions may apply.


If there are any food allergies, they can be reported to the airlines. This will mainly apply to travel outside Europe, where meals are included in the ticket.

Seat Assignment and Check-In:

The group will usually be placed in the same area of the aircraft, but exceptions may occur. As a rule, check-in must take place at the counter or at kiosk machines at the airport on the day of departure, but with some airlines it will be possible to check yourself in advance online.

Ski Equipment:

Rules for ski equipment vary from airline to airline. With some companies it is free as long as there is room on the plane. Otherwise, the price usually varies between 600-800 kroner to have ski equipment on a return ticket.

Changes and Delays on Airline Tickets:

From the date of departure, we will not be able to do anything concrete with the tickets, in the case of any delays or other changes. The airline then has 100% control over the booking, and you must follow the information provided at the airport and from the airline's service desk. The airline is responsible for finding the best possible alternative solutions. Taking any claims through an intermediary can make the process more cumbersome for the traveler. Often the airlines also require that it is the traveler himself who contacts them. As a rule, the airline must cover extra expenses incurred in connection with a delay or cancellation, but the airline must look at each individual case. This applies to both individual tickets and group tickets.

Lost / Late Baggage:

Compensation for lost or delayed luggage is taken directly with the insurance company of the individual participant.


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