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Here are 10 great destinations for leadership gatherings in Norway

Leadership meetings strengthen competence, provide a space for discussions, and strengthen the unity of the leadership team. Most people see it as important to "get away" from the office and other colleagues from time to time, to be able to better see the way forward for the company. Through shared experiences, you end up with leaders who know each other, work better together, and support each other. Having the leadership gathering at an exciting destination can further contribute to creativity, increased motivation, new direction, and energy! Here we present 10 eventful destinations in Norway, that are perfect for smaller management groups:

PAN Tretopphytter is located in Finnskogen, two hours from Oslo and Gardermoen. The place is well suited for companies that want corporate gatherings in exciting surroundings where the experiences in nature are part of the purchase.

The 40 m2 large log cabins have a bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, running water and electricity. If you are a small group, you can take the work meetings in the cabin, but for larger groups, PAN has its own house on a farm nearby in an idyllic location. Here you can gather for a joint conference and do away with the work meetings, before retiring to the treetop cabins. Activities and experiences can add an extra edge to such a trip, and be tailored as desired. Skilled guides can tell you about Finnskogen's exciting history and take you on an adventure trip in the wilderness.

Naustet is a hidden design gem on the Trøndelag coast, in an old fishing village on small Stokkøya in the Trondheim Fjord. The boathouse is uncompromising in its design with distinctive solutions in architecture, choice of materials and interior. The large kitchen is perfect for food lovers. Be your own chefs or let us hire a chef for the group. Relax in the living room by the fireplace and make drinks in the private bar. Get a good night's sleep in one of the four distinctive beds in the attic, all located at different heights under the roof. At Naustet there is also a small sandy beach, a private sauna and a hot tub overlooking the sea.

Out in the skerries in Steigen, polar explorer Børge Ousland bought his own island, Manshausen. Here he has designed completely unique cabins the way he wants them. A long-standing interest in architecture and an inspirational journey to some of the country's innovative accommodations made him want an accommodation that is unmatched. Manshausen is a gem of an island, 55 acres, centrally located in Grøtøyleia, only 500 meters from the pleasant village of Nordskot.

Fishing is still important here, but activities such as kayaking, diving, cycling, climbing and hiking in summer and winter have become more and more popular. Steigen is a unique area, with hundreds of small islands, white sandy beaches and spectacular mountains. To the north, the Lofoten Wall is like a protective wall. The view and the landscape are the most important at Børge Ousland's sea cabins in Steigen, but we can arrange many exciting activities as well.

The world-famous Juvet Landskapshotell is located in Valldal, on the National Tourist Route between Trollstigen and Geiranger. The architectural firm Jensen & Skodvin based the work on the idea of avoiding unnecessary encroachments on nature. The hotel rooms are scattered around in nature like small cubes of glass and wood. There is nothing like it, said the jury for the Tourism Award in 2010.

Nine units let guests forget the rest of the world. Seven rooms are like spacious glass cubes on stilts, and the transparent walls face carefully selected places in the landscape. Two smaller "birdhouse" units are located in the hills above, reminiscent of traditional storage houses. Guests can have three daily meals in the barn, a renovated farmhouse. The gorge has a spa area with sauna and bathtub in the so-called "bath house". The conference room has all the necessary modern AV equipment, and can be used as a meeting room for 2-20 people.

This is a functional gem, beautifully located on an idyllic headland by the Oslo Fjord. The place was built by Televerket in 1930 and was primarily to function as a shortwave station with broadcasts all over the world. In the mid-1960s, however, much of the communication was transmitted to cable and later to satellite, and in 1995 the station became unmanned. But it was here with the sky, sea and two kilometers of shoreline, an idea was born - to develop this little gemstone into a unique hotel with "high ceilings".

The hotel focuses on architecture, Scandinavian design and art - many leading designers and artists have chosen to exhibit their work on Jeløy Radio. Modern conference facilities for groups from 2 - 70 people.

After their holiday plans had to be changed due to bad weather, four people from Bergen ended up in Lofoten by chance. Today they run Trevarefabrikken and last year had 20,000 visitors. Trevarefabrikken is a former carpentry workshop that was nationally known for its stairs, windows and other carpentry work. The factory also housed other activities until the closure in 2007, including, trandamperi, shrimp pellet, canning, a sewing room and fish reception.

Since the summer of 2014, a lot has happened in the large building. The ground floor has been developed into a meeting place with a café and restaurant. Four apartments are available on the second floor, and a distinctive sauna overlooking the sea is set up at the back of the building, which has now become a culture house. This should be a place where you can live out the Lofoten life, sleeping, eating and working, for shorter and longer periods.

Out in the ocean gap west of Bodø is TheArctic Hideaway, on the archipelago Fleinvær in Gildeskål. Fleinvær has no cars, no shops, but high skies and a wide horizon. There are daily departures by speedboat from Bodø, but for flexibility we recommend charter boats.

The ten houses of The Arctic Hideaway are built to provide inspiration and tranquility in wild and beautiful coastal nature. In addition to four dormitories and a bathhouse with two toilets, they have built a sauna on the quay, a kitchen, a studio house / lounge and a cloud and sea observatory. The bedrooms have eight beds but can accommodate eleven guests by using the tower house and sauna. In special cases, you can expand further by adding a boat to the quay. This location is meant to be a place to put your feet up, but if a little action is needed perhaps in the form of fishing, a summit trip or speed at sea, this can be organized.

In the middle of dramatic nature, between sharp peaks and deep fjords, you will find Lyngen Lodge. The facility offers full board. There is a fully licensed bar, dining room, living room with open fireplace, library / meeting room, sauna and outdoor hot tub. Lyngen Lodge has a capacity of 16 guests in 8 double rooms.

The concept involves taking experienced skiers on a trip and showing them the best Lyngen has to offer. You do not need much experience with summit hikes before, but it is important that you are accustomed to the mountains and have some experience with summit hikes, so that you know how the equipment works. Here you will find something you will not find anywhere else. Lyngen Lodge has picked the best from the Alps, Canada and North America. We can offer transport from Tromsø by boat or helicopter, accommodation, food and guided tours with certified Nortind guides.

The spa boat Vulkana in Tromsø has a hot salt water tub, wood-fired sauna, hammam (Moroccan steam bath), cold pool, a Japanese-inspired relaxation room, bar and a small restaurant. The 70-foot-long fishing boat was built on Lista in 1957, and has since had several different lives, such as both a fishing boat and a whaling boat. In 2007, it was completely renovated looking at the drawings by the Finnish architect Sami Rintala, who designed the sauna, hot tub, Turkish bath and "Zen lounge".

Vulkana can accommodate groups of up to 12 people on shorter and longer trips in the island kingdoms in Troms and Nordland. The combination of food, well-being and nature experiences makes this something very special. In addition to the ship, we can offer extended walks / full evenings with massage and three-course dinner, themed tours with «Ski by boat», where you with your own ski guide visit mountain peaks in Lyngen, have northern lights experiences and fishing trips.

Right next to Svartisen, the Svart Glacier Hotel, designed by Snøhetta, is being built to become the world's most sustainable hotel in an Arctic environment. With a 360 ° degree view of the Black Ice and fantastic Arctic nature, Svart will be the first hotel in the world in an Arctic environment that will produce more energy than it uses. Svart will be located at the foot of Svartisen, Norway's second largest glacier, and represent what the developers think will be the luxury of the future: not gold plating on the water taps, but in proximity to untouched nature - and the experience to be in, for example, glaciers and the sea.

The building will be located halfway out in the sea, on stilts, constructed in a way reminiscent of fisherman's cabins and fish hatches. Inside the circle there will be a jetty, where guests will arrive by boat. There will be no road leading to the hotel, and all guests will be brought to the hotel by boat. The nearest town is Glomfjord. According to the plan, the hotel will be completed in 2022.

Many people automatically think abroad when finding a new and exciting destination for their leadership gathering. We forget how many incredible destinations our own country has. In this article, we have presented some of our favorite places for leadership meetings in Norway. Feel free to challenge us in creating a plan for your team. Contact us for a non-binding proposal at, or submit a request at

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