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Our risk assessment for Covid-19 infection at our events

It's becoming evident in the meeting and conference world that capacity is measured by the distance between guests, not the same 50 people capacity limit that applies to sports and cultural events. As the responsible organizer, this is very good news, but also requires us to deliver events where our customers can feel comfortable that infection control is taken seriously. Therefore, we have developed a template for infection risk assessment in collaboration with our good friends at Liveforce.

Here is how to use the template:

1. Clarify risks at the different stages of the event.

2. Calculate the probability of infection in each individual situation.

3. Calculate the degree of risk of infection spreading for the individual situation.

4. Update the risk assessment with findings made above. The template then automatically gives a color-coded indication of the risk of the virus spreading in the individual situation, and how often and carefully the individual situation should be followed up during the event.

5. Create an action plan to reduce the likelihood of infection and how to react if the infection occurs.

Motel Agency-Blogg Risk assessment matrix

NHO Reiseliv has published a number of guides that will help the industry ensure safe operation in following a national standard for infection control measures. We want to emphasize that it is important when you are unsure to follow NHO's guidelines and that this template has only been developed as an aid to anyone who is hesitant of how to deal with this new situation.

If you need help planning your event or company trip during this unique situation we are now in, you can contact us at, or submit a request via


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